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Up, Up & Away is a boutique behavioral consulting agency that provides in-home & clinic based applied behavior analysis (ABA) services for young children (15 months to 10 years of age) on the autism spectrum and related disabilities. Our team is composed of experienced therapists who have a passion for using behavior analysis to promote positive behavior change for our clients and their families. All clinical programs are over seen by a Doctorate level Board Certified Behavior Analyst and implemented by seasoned Registered Behavior Technicians.  As a boutique practice we provide timely and personalized attention to each of our clients and their families. Taking advantage of advancements in technology we are able to provide parents with real time updates on their child’s progress. Parents receive daily notes from their child’s therapist, as well as access to their child’s graphs so they can be active participants in their child’s therapy, even when they are unable to attend a therapy session.

Meet Our Team 

Jessica Weber, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Clinical Director
Jessica Weber, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Clinical Director 

Dr. Weber received her doctorate in Developmental Science and Masters in Psychology from Florida International University. She is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Doctorate level (BCBA-D). Previously, Dr. Weber was an executive team member for an international foundation, where she initiated their behavioral services program. In this role she was responsible for developing and monitoring a wide range of therapeutic programs for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


Dr. Weber has always had a passion for helping children achieve their maximum potential. She has experience in conducting assessments and developing robust behavioral programs for children with developmental disorders. She has extensive experience training parents, therapists and professionals. She has traveled to Brazil, Canada, South Africa and France to provide trainings to parents and professionals.  


Related Publications Weber, J., & Gutierrez, A. (2015). A treatment package without escape extinction to address food selectivity. Journal of Visualized Experiments.

Glen Mowatt, Director of Operations
Glen Mowatt
Director of Operations 


Glen is a West Palm Beach, Florida native who began working with children his sophomore year at The Kings Academy. Whether coaching soccer for local leagues or working in the classroom Glen has always been enthusiastic about working with children. While at Florida State University the time came to decide on a major. Although he majored in business Glen knew one day he would be able to combine his passion for business and helping children. After earning a Master’s degree and working in the commercial real estate and private equity world for over ten years Glen decided it was time to combine his interests and co-founded Up, Up & Away with Dr. Weber.


Glen is the Up, Up & Away business manager and leads the effort to facilitate seamless interaction between the therapists and clients of a company that helps children reach their maximum potential. 

Melissa Grobler, Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)
Melissa Grobler, M.A., BCBA
Board Certified Behavior Analyst


Melissa obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University and a Master of Arts degree from the University of West Florida. Her graduate degree is in Exceptional Student Education with a concentration in Applied Behavioral Analysis. Currently, Melissa is working towards her doctorate in School Psychology at Nova South Eastern University. Melissa has a passion for working with children and strives to positively impact the lives of her clients and their families. Melissa has experience working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. She has provided services in various settings including at home, in a clinic, at school and in the community. As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Melissa understands the importance of individualizing a child’s treatment plan to capitalize on their unique learning style. She works with the child’s team to tailor their goals to the meet the child’s specific developmental and behavioral needs.

Monica Garcia
Registered Behavior Technician


Monica has worked in the field of applied behavior analysis for the past five years. She received her bachelor degree from Florida State University with a major in Psychology and continued her education at Nova Southeastern University where she obtained her masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and Applied Behavior Analysis. Monica is very passionate about helping others and working with children with developmental disabilities. Monica is a registered mental health counselor and is currently working towards her BCBA and LMHC licenses. 

Our Services

We offer services both at home and in our clinic in order to best meet you and your child’s needs. There is no one size fits all approach to effective interventions and tailoring your child’s therapy program to their individual strengths and weaknesses will promote greater success. Services may be provided at your home, at your child’s school, at our clinic, or in other community settings. A diagnosis is not required to receive services from Up, Up & Away, however, this will be dependent on your funding source. Third party payers, such as insurance companies, do require an Autism diagnosis in order to cover ABA services.  Our goal is to support and guide parents of all children in strategies that promote a child’s motivation to engage in the behaviors we want to see and decrease those behaviors we don’t want. 

  •     Picky Eating  
  •      Parent Training   
  •     Individualized Programs   
  •    Care Coordination 
    Picky Eating  
Services: Picky or Selective Eating

Picky Eating

Picky eating is a common childhood phenomenon that can be frustrating for parents and does not always change on its own. Picky eaters may eat only a limited number of foods, eat foods only from certain places, show preferences for certain textures or colors, or only eat when food is presented in a specific way.Our services can help:

  • Increase the number and variety of foods your child eats
  • Reduce challenging behaviors associated with trying new foods
  • Develop positive meal time routines 


     Parent Training   

Parent Training 

Understanding how to create opportunities to encourage your child to communicate or how to respond to your child’s behavior when you are in public, can be challenging as a parent. We are here to help you navigate these tricky situations and empower you to create the change you want to see in your child. We can create parent training programs to meet your unique needs. Through parent training you will learn:

  • To use strategies and supports with your child across a variety of settings 
  • How to change your child’s behavior at home and in public settings
  • Use behavior analytic techniques to promote appropriate behaviors and reduce challenging behaviors 
Services: Parent Training
    Individualized Programs   

Individualized Programs

All ABA programs provided by Up, Up & Away are individualized to meet your child’s needs. Programs may target:

  • Communication development
  • Appropriate play and social skills 
  • Early learning skills such as sitting and paying attention
  • Following directions 
  • Gesture development
  • Independence in adaptive skills such as toilet training or sleeping alone



Services: Individualized Programs
   Care Coordination 

Care Coordination

Parents of children with special needs oftentimes come to serve as their child’s care manager. Children often participate in therapies that cover a range of disciplines including speech and language, occupational therapy and physical therapy. When you also consider educators and pediatricians this brings about a large team of professionals who may work with or provide services to your child on a regular basis. Ensuring that all members of your child’s team are on the same page can be a full time job. We can help keep communication coordinated and consistent which will lead to faster and more effective behavior change. Care coordination may include:

  • BCBA consultations with other professionals 
  • Scheduling team meetings 
  • Reviewing reports from other providers
  • Creating protocols to use across therapies
  • Creating supports for pediatricians and dentists  
Services: Professional Consultation

Remote Services

Remote and Global Services: What is a BCBA?

What is a BCBA?

Through specialized training, a Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) learns to untangle the many factors that contribute to our behavior. Understanding the reasons why we do the things we do, allows a behavior analyst to create changes in the environment that will lead a person to respond in a different way. Intervention programs for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often rely on a BCBA to create effective treatment plans that lead to behavior change. 





Global Impact of a BCBA


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), studies reveal that the number of individuals diagnosed with ASD is increasing worldwide. With the incidence of ASD growing, it has become clear that there are not enough BCBAs trained in all parts of the world to keep up with the needs of the autism community. Advances in technology offers a solution to this obstacle. Remote services allow us to provide services to you, your family and other professionals even when we cannot be there physically.  


 Dr. Jessica Weber has provided consultations and trainings in over 5 countries. Dr. Weber has developed an expertise in how to develop and implement plans to meet the needs of families from various backgrounds. 



Remote and Global Services: Global Impact
Remote and Global Services

Remote Services Offered 

  • Behavioral Consultation – A member of Up, Up & Away will provide recommendations that are individualized to your child


  • Remote supervision – Training and guidance provided using video conferencing software


  • Trainings – Provide comprehensive trainings that cover understanding autism and strategies to promote learning  


Tailored services can be developed to meet your unique needs. Use the “Contact Us” link below to discuss how we can help you.

Step by Step 

At Up, Up & Away we understand the impact that each day can have on your child’s development and growth. It is our goal to take the stress out of getting your child therapeutic services by providing a hassle free process. You are only a few steps away from helping your child reach their maximum potential. 

1. Intake

Phone call with a clinician to determine if ABA services are a good fit for you and your family· During the initial call we want to learn more about your child and why you are seeking ABA services. We will explain what ABA therapy is and what therapy may look like once you enroll in services·  We will discuss funding options for services and help you determine how you can access funding through insurance or grant programs, when available

  • If after our discussion we determine that our services will benefit you and your family we will email you an  intake packet to complete.

2. Assessment

Once we have received  the intake packet from you we can  get started with the  assessment process· The assessment will be an in-person meeting to gather detailed information for the treatment plan development


  •  If you are using insurance, we  will first call your insurance  company to verify your benefits and get authorization for  the assessment.  


  • As part of the assessment you and your child will participate in a variety of different  formal and informal evaluations·  We will ask you about your child’s current abilities, including those related to communication, play and leisure skills, academics, adaptive skills and behavioral challenges·  We will ask your child to participate in the assessment by presenting a variety of preferred and non-preferred activities· During the assessment we want to get a  sense of your child’s unique  strengths and weaknesses  so it is helpful for us to see not only those things your child does well but also times when they need more support


  •  We will also review any reports that you have been given from other providers so that we can have a comprehensive understanding of your child and can work with other member’s of your child’s team to help them get the most out any program they participate in.
3. Develop Treatment Plan

 Following the completion of the in person evaluations and records review an individualized treatment plan will be developed that outlines goals and objectives for your child and the strategies that we will use to help your child reach those goals· Parent training goals will also be included as an essential component of any treatment plan developed by Up, Up & Away· It is critical that we work together as a team to maximize the benefits of therapy and help your child blossom across different settings and environments.

4. Scheduling

We will determine times that best meet your family and child’s schedules


  •  We will work with you to create a schedule that fits within your lifestyle

  • Our therapists are available from 8 Am – 7 pm and on Saturdays
5. Execute Plan

  • It’s time to start working on those goals

  • Our therapists will target a variety of goals during each session and record data on how your child is doing

  •  Our behavior analysts review the data on an ongoing basis to make sure that the strategies and supports that we have put in place are helping your child learn in an effective manner

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